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Weekly Newsletter - Half Term / Important Information

Dear Parents/Carers Half Term / Important Information I write to remind you that the half term[...]

Message From The Chair of Governors

Dear Parents and Carers Message From The Chair of Governors Student Attendance You will be [...]

Weekly Newsletter - Important Information

Dear Parent/Carer Important Information Student Safeguarding To ensure that as an Academy w[...]

Weekly Newsletter - Thistley Hough Bank

Dear Parent/Carer Thistley Hough Bank At Thistley Hough Academy, we believe that it is vital t[...]

Weekly Newsletter - Student Aspirations

Dear Parent/Carer Student Aspirations At Thistley Hough Academy we aim to inspire students to [...]

Weekly Newsletter - Student Experiences

Dear Parent/Carer Student Experiences Widening Horizons Our Widening Horizons focus for thi[...]

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